Empowerment Through Adventure

You’ve achieved success, but still feel like life is passing you by. You want adventure, but keep waiting for the time to be right. For the kids to be older. To get that promotion or raise. To lose weight. Or just for things to be easier, to fall into place.

The time will be right when you make it right.

Let’s make the time right, right now.

Adventure Czar

I’ve been studying the correlation between adventure and happiness. Turns out – adventure releases dopamine, which is your brains way of saying “Way to go! Good job!” True happiness requires adventure! What adventure should you be on? What’s holding you back? How can I help?

Desire Map Facilitator

Do you ever accomplish something only to find it doesn’t make you as happy as you thought? Were you chasing the wrong goal? Was it a goal you were expected to accomplish? Or something you truly wanted? Discovering my Core Desired Feelings and giving myself permission to work towards them changed my life. Would you like to know how?

Debauchery Advocate

Responsible adult debauchery. It’s a thing. I promise! Debauchery is defined as excessive indulgence in sensual pleasures.Basically, pleasing the senses, visual, emotional, tactile, sexual, taste! What was the last debaucherous thing you did? If you say pee by yourself, or go to bed early, we need to talk.

You are the mistresses of multitasking. Work. Family. Home. Obligations come at you from every angle. Sometimes you feel like you are never going to catch up. You feel like we are going to live the rest of your lives reacting, instead of acting.

Fixing, instead of building.

Struggling, instead of exploring.

You know self-care is important, but you feel guilty taking a walk by yourself instead of catching up on email. Or soaking in the tub instead of cleaning the kitchen. With even these simple snippets of self-care feeling so out of reach, the adventures you truly seek, those heart pumping, adrenaline fueled adventures of your youth seem a thing of the past.

You miss that feeling of adventure.

It’s not that the urges are gone, its just that you’ve lost touch with your adventurous side. Maybe you feel too old. Too mature. Too busy. Too many obligations taking care of others.

But I know you’re not too mature. I see you giggling every time you hear the word ‘but.’

Curiosity seeking is self-care. Adventure is self-care. Stop putting off adventure seeking. Later is never going to come. Life is never going to get easier. (sorry!) The time for adventure is now! When we take care of our thirst for adventure, we can be a better parent and a better partner. Kids never do what we tell them to do, they do what we do.

Let’s show our daughters how to live an amazing kick-ass life.
Let’s show our sons what a strong, confident happy woman looks like.

A few tweaks to both your schedule and priorities, you can find those adventures. Perhaps you have a larger, more life changing adventure in mind. Either way, let me be your tour guide.

Well behaved women rarely make history. Let’s misbehave together.

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