Adventure Coach- Mona Darling

Do you spend a lot of time lamenting the crazy escapades of your youth?

  • Giggling about that time you went to see a band, and somehow ended up backstage?
  • Wondering if you really did backpack across Europe alone, because now you can’t seem to go to the bathroom by yourself?
  • Reminiscing about, how before you had kids, where you and your partner did naughty things All The Time?
  • Wondering if there is more to life then, making lunches, chauffeuring kids, laundry and wine. And dishes. Always dishes.

If yes, then you are in the right place! I offer adventure based, sex positive, body positive coaching for women. I empower women through adventure seeking, both in the bedroom and out on the town, with your kids and family, as well as off by yourself. My goal is to help you push you out of your comfort zone so you can embark on the adventures you day-dream about.

Because you do dream about those adventures, don’t you. Traveling the world, exploring other cultures, indulging in sexual fantasies, learning to dance the tango, starting a business, living your true bad-ass self.

But it can be hard to figure out what your true self really wants. Women have expectations put on them from an early age. We’ve a list of should and should not’s before we are able to comprehend the differences between ourselves and our male peers.

Once we figure out our dreams and goals, how do we go about achieving them? How can you get passed the guilt of taking time for yourself and the shame of wanting something non-standard? Something so selfish and self indulgent as… adventure?

There are three ways in which we can work together. In a group in one of my virtual workshops, in person at one of my retreats, or one on one via phone, video conference or in person.

No matter how we work together, my goal is always to help you learn more about yourself, and then put that knowledge to use while confidently stepping out of your comfort zone.

You’ve been domesticated by marriage and children.
It’s time to fix that.
Viva Your Revolution!

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