Coming Fall 2017(?)

If you are impatient for my to find the time to put together this retreat, contact me about putting a custom retreat together for you and your girlfriends!

Three day, two night wellness and adventure retreat for women in Portland Oregon!

Three days. Six Women. Yoga. Sex Toy Shopping. Cocktails. Strip Clubs. Hiking. Soul Searching. Adventure. Responsible Adult Debauchery.

Portland offers the perfect place for a debauchery wellness retreat;

  • Tons of local places to hike and explore nature.
  • Some of the best food and cocktails in the United States.
  • The largest independent book store in the world.
  • And finally – women friendly strip clubs and sex toy shops.

I will be your guide, to exploring Portland, to exploring yourself and to finding all adventure we can handle.

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Yes! Let me know when I can join the adventure!