Riot Gear!

I have a lot of things planned for 2017, but opening an on-line shop was not one of them. But when I was trying to figure out how to collect payment for my Orgasm Control class and accidentally rage designed a post election t-shirt and some dog tags, the Riot Gear for Moxie Revolutionaries shop was born.

I also found a way to add some of my favorite kink toys and leather products….

So really and truly something for everyone. I will be adding items often, because as it turns out, I rage-design quite prolifically. It’s always been a special talent of mine. This will also be where you can process deposits for coaching or retreats as well as my Orgasm Control class.

Riot Gear will tend to be full of snark and whimsy, leaning towards feminist with lots of #resist and calls for diversity. The leather and kink toys I stock will be the items I prefer to use in my professional dungeon. These tend to be more expensive, but much more well made then things you will find in your corner sex shop.

Should you be lucky enough to have a corner sex shop.

I thought about sourcing more inexpensive items and even lined up a supplier from China, but I just couldn’t see myself selling imitation leather restraints with a clear conscience nor a straight face. But since I now have this supplier, I will occasionally include items that ship from China if I find them interesting and not like things I could get from my US supplier, like this pulsing, vibrating, remote control prostate massager. Also, for some reason, the chastity device I prefer is only available from my supplier in China. It’s also available for considerably more from a source in the UK.

So if you are looking for something, please let me know! Between the two suppliers, I’m pretty sure I can hook you up!

Stay tuned for more snark and whimsy!