Sexual Adventure Coaching is a natural extension of my twenty years working as a professional dominatrix. No question surprises me and no interest or experience shocks me. Fascinated with small penis? Feel a burning need to be spanked? Or to spank? Fantasize about being more demanding in bed? Wish you could be used like the dirty little whore you are? Wish you could understand and enjoy your partners kink?

I love working with people to facilitate healthy, respectful conversations about sex, especially kinky sex. Kinky sexual desires can bring two (or more!) people together in fun and exciting ways and exploring those desires can lead to a deeper understanding of your partner in the bedroom, as well as in everyday life. Learning to communicate openly can help prevent misunderstandings or miscommunications that can not only ruin the fun, they can destroy trust.

If you’ve ever wished you could act out those fantasies you have in your Special Lady Time, Sexual Adventure Coaching is for you!

How does coaching sessions work? I do coaching sessions via skype, phone, or in person depending on your needs. Each session lasts between one and two hours.

Do I have to do weekly calls or sign up for a coaching plan? Nope. We can talk every week, but if you only need one or two phone calls to figure something out, I’m good with that as well.

How long will it take me to figure out how to please my partner or figure out my fetish? Somewhere between one call and the rest of your life. Each situation is individual. I do promise you will come away from each session with me closer to figuring it out AND have a few action items to help you explore further!

Do you ever work with couples? Men? Or just women? I am open to work with anyone who is respectfully searching for adventure although my primary focus is women, and occasionally couples.

What if I’m too embarrassed to talk to you about my fetish when the time comes? Before we talk, you will fill out the Sexual Adventure Questionnaire for me which will get us passed the hard part. I find that once people find themselves in a safe place to talk, they tend to open up.

Contact me and we can set up a free 20 minute coaching consultation to see if we click!

If you aren’t quite ready to chat with me about your particular perversion, sign up for my mailing list and you receive a copy of my Sexual Adventure Questionnaire that helps begin and guide conversations around kinky desires. I promise to only email you when I have something fun and juicy to talk about!

Yes please!