The Moxie Revolutionaries

I absolutely love these posters created by Ladies Who Design.

I want to create a safe place for women on-line. I’ve wanted this for as long as I can remember. I’ve tried, and tried, to put these spaces together and always failed, but given dark times ahead for women, I need to try again.

I want to create a place where women can come for support from other women no matter what their background. Where we can share resources and ideas. Where we can spend time free from mansplaining.  I would like to create a space where women can openly talk about sex. Facebook doesn’t always feel like a safe place to have these discussions.

I’ve set up a Mightybell community called Moxie, or the Moxie Sisterhood. <snip>

Mightbell was too difficult, and not very intuitive so I as much as I didn’t want to have a space on Facebook, I’ve started – The Moxie Revolutionaries which is a private Facebook group.

Women’s rights have always been close to my heart and I hope that this time I can create something that other women will find beneficial. I see this space being a mix of activism, puns and sex. Join us!

Please respect the women of this group and refrain from requesting an invite if you identify as male. This is a safe place for women of any origin or orientation.