Mona Darling – Women’s Kinky Sex Mentor

Kinky Sex Mentor

I’ve worked as a professional dominatrix for over two decades and have always loved working with nervous newbies. I excel at putting people at ease so they can open up and talk about the fantasies they’ve always kept to themselves. If Fifty Shades of Grey woke something in you, let me help you understand and enjoy it!


I’m currently in the process of remodeling my site to accommodate my class, How to be a Dominant Goddess, as well as my upcoming classes focusing on submission and switching. My classes tend to be transformation focused, taking place on-line over the course of several weeks, with the focus on communication, negotiation and mind-set, with less time spent on the “How To.” I feel that first, you need to master the mindset and come into your true power as a Domina, Submissive or Switch, then move into mastering the activities that call to you. One of the most inviting part of my classes is the community of like-minded women who are also taking the same journey that you are.

Please excuse the mess while I move things around. If you are interested in knowing more about my classes, sign up for my mailing list. No spam. Just the occasional announcements and updates.