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I write. It’s how I process my thoughts and feelings. I journaled my way through high school, my divorce, college and of course, my kinky explorations.

Kinky thoughts are so private, and sometimes scary, that sometimes, the easiest way to first voice them is through writing. You have total control. Even if you write down your deepest, darkest, kinkiest thoughts, you have complete control over allowing those words to live on in your journal, or to destroy them.

And in my experience, write them out again later while wishing so very hard that your hadn’t destroyed those diaries with fire. 

I wanted to work through the new software that I will be working with for my next class, and make sure it does everything I need, and offers the privacy settings I require etc so I decided to create a free journaling class because, aside from reading about all the freaky things I fantasies about, writing about them was my biggest tool to discovering myself and my true desires.

The course is has 10 prompts. Each prompt will help you voice your feelings about your past, present and future dealings with kink and fantasy. Each is designed to be open ended and can be interpreted in any way that will help you write about your relationship with kink.

There are no right feelings. There are no wrong feelings. There are only your feelings, and through these prompts I hope to help you understand your feelings in regards to kink and BDSM. While more of the prompts are aimed at women who are new to exploring kink, because they are open ended, women with more kink experience will be able to write there way though as well.

A new prompt will be unlocked after 24 hours, so this does not have to be a ten day course. You can do it in ten days, or you can take more time to think about your answers. I would however, not give yourself more then 48 hours to dwell on one before moving on to the next.

When you sign up, you will be automatically added to a private group where you can discuss your journaling in complete privacy. You can customize your profile, your name and your avatar – then customize who will be able to see that information. You can friend who who you meet in the group and direct message them if you would like to have a more private conversation.

Please read and abide by the community guidelines should you chose to take advantage of this FREE course.

Viva Your Revolution Community Guidelines

This group is to be a safe place for women to talk about sex, kinky and otherwise.
We learn from and respect each other.
We are open to hearing about interests we don’t understand.
We believe in fitness and body-love at any size.
We believe women are neither sluts for liking sex, nor prudes for being reserve. We are simply women.
We enjoy telling stories, but those stories stay in this group.
No question or interest is too wild. No question or interest is too mild.
Our goal is to have a greater understanding of ourselves, our interests and the women around us.
We are a sisterhood.
Breaking these rules will result in removal from the group.

If this seems like a course (and community!) that would be of benefit to you, head on over here to register

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