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Before my BlogHer giveaway even has wrapped up, I’m involved with another giveaway. It must be spring. Or at least, I freaking hope it’s spring. It’s been one long ass winter. I’m ready to unbundle please and thank you!

Hope over to Bawdy Bookworms to enter to win a huge prize package including leather wrist cuffs and one hour of bondage coaching (that’s me!), a pair of amazing pasties from Cruel Valentine, a big box of mystery naughty from Bawdy Bookworms and a Kindle Fire! Even if you don’t want to enter (for some crazy reason) there are also 18 free romance and erotica books to download.

The giveaway runs from March 15 through April 2, 2017, 11:59pm ET.

What are you waiting for!? Go!

Mona Darling is a Women’s Empowerment, Adventure Coach and a Professional Enabler. She is a former dominatrix, as well as a former Tupperware lady, although people are generally more interested in hearing about the dominatrix gig.

She is available to speak, write, teach or coach on a number of topics such as kinky sex, professional sex work, travel hacking, women’s empowerment or raising a gender non-conforming child.

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