Virtual Desire Mapping and Adventure Camps!

Coming Winter 2016!

Virtual Desire Mapping and Adventure Camps For Women!

I will be offering three different virtual camps all themed around women’s empowerment. You can take one, two, or of course – all three! Each camp is standalone, but can build on information you learn about yourself from the other camps. Like any summer camp, these are more of a learning experience where you will be expected to participate. Lots of intersection, discussion and ACTION. You will leave each camp with new knowledge about yourself, not a bunch of handouts, worksheets or charts to overwhelm you. I want you to follow a step by step plan to know yourself, and your desires better!

  • Desire Map Facilitation: Four evenings of real talk, desire mapping and goal setting. I would like everyone to leave this workshop knowing their core desired feelings, and have solid plans in place to help them achieve those feelings.
  • Sexual Empowerment and Education Workshop: Four evenings of sexual empowerment and education covering topics like safer sex, masturbation, buying the perfect toy, g-spot vs clitoral orgasms, dispelling sexual myths, owning your sexual past, present and future, and of course, lots of kinky sex tips for curious girls.
  • Debaucherous Ladies Adventure Camp: Four evenings of adventure planning. I will detail my responsible debauchery plan, and how to implement it. We will talk about breaking out of ruts, expanding social circles and adding small adventures to your busy life – even if you have kids. There will also be several sexy adventure challenges!

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